We Manufactures and Suppliers

All kind of Rubber Wood, Country Wood, Plywood, Pine Wood, Silver Oak Planks, Reapers, Pallets, Crates & Packing Cases.

Welcome To Kollam Timbers

KOLLAM TIMBERS is a leading manufacturers and suppliers of timber materials for Packing.

Our wide range of Packing Materials includes Rubber Wood, Country Wood, Plywood, Pine Wood & Silver Oak.

We also undertake to produce Planks, Reapers, Pallets, Crates and Packing Cases.

The third generation of family business started in the 1980s that has its customer base in the whole of South India and beyond.

The reliable & consistent Raw Timber Suppliers or Thadi Vendors support the three Re-Saws that have a Production Capacity of approximately 33000 Cubic feet per month.

Our Expert laborers with rich experience are the basis for the Organized Production, Best Quality and Timely Delivery.